100 Ways to Get Revenge – Teens Get Revenge Against Enemies

Yes, there are more than 100 ways to get revenge. Students from Richmond Montgomery High School have come up with some good ideas on how to get revenge against their enemies.

After finding friends vehicles that are similar to their targets, they use photo paper and print the license plate number of their enemies. When the county’s speed camera snaps a picture of the car speeding, the target gets sent a $40 citation for speeding.

Remember, it’s only necessary to be a little creative, and you can come up with some devastating, evil revenge ideas.

One way my friends would get revenge against their enemies would be to find the car of a stranger, and switch the license plate with that of their enemy. Within a little time, the stranger, or the enemy would notice that they had the wrong plate, and would report it to the police. Of course the police would want to ask why were the plates switched, and this would create a lot of confusion, and suspicion with all involved.

Put your thinking cap on, and you can come up with many variations of each revenge idea. There are many ways to get revenge. The results rely on the creativity, and the mental damage done.

Good Ideas on How to Get Revenge

Good Ideas on How to Get Revenge

Ever since a bystander, George Holiday, secretly videotaped the Rodney King beating  in Los Angeles back in 1991, people have decided to arm themselves with an unusual  tool of revenge against bad cops.

Most police officers are hard working, honest and caring people. Since many people in my family are in law enforcement, I have the utmost respect for the hard work that they do. After all, the United States has an unending appetite for violent crime. To make matters worse, weapons are available everywhere, and many are not afraid to use them.

Unfortunately, some police officers do not conduct themselves with the pride that comes from wearing their badges. Thus, there are many citizens who are always weary of cops. They are often afraid that they might be the next Rodney King, or even worse.

So, I was rather appalled to watch the video of a police officer manhandling a 14-year old over a skateboarding incident. In this video, a police officer gets his kicks taking down, and shoving a boy who happened to call him “dude”.

Yes, the group of teens were riding their skateboards in a place that the police said was prohibited. However, instead of just giving the kids a warning, or even arresting them, he set out to show them what a man he was by picking on someone not even a third his size.

So, you’re asking yourself, “what does this have to do with revenge?” Well, while the cop was acting like he was John Wayne, one of the boy’s friends had the camera rolling.

The lesson of this video is to always have a camcorder ready if you’re approached by a cop like this. Just be careful, you don’t want them to mistake the video camera for a weapon.  Always remember, there are always good ideas on how to get revenge.

100 Ways to Get Revenge 2

The fact is, there is more than 100 ways to get revenge. There are thousands! One only needs a little imagination and creativity to think of more.

Here’s a list of various methods of how to get revenge on someone.

  1. Offer fake jobs – Use paper announcements (with a row of tear off numbers at the bottom) to offer fake jobs for your enemy. You can post them in laundromats , at university bulletin boards, supermarkets, etc.  Make sure you put your enemy’s telephone numbers on there, and tell people to call them after 9 or 10 at night. You can always find free classified ad sites on the Internet, or check for free ad papers where you live.
  2. Set up appointments – Set up hair appointments, pedicures and other meetings at your enemy’s house. Just explain that you had a car accident, and you’ve got a cast on your leg, and it’s difficult to move around. Make your calls from a quiet pay phone

  3. Send an e-mail, or a letter to your enemy’s pastor, priest, reverend,  or preacher (whoever). Ask them what is the best way to tell your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend that you have been having gay relationships. Ask them when would be the best time you could contact them at church, but you want to keep it as private as possible.

As I said, there are more than 100 ways to get revenge. These are just a few that you can apply immediately. If you need more ideas, why not sign up for The Purpose Driven Knife Newsletter?