How to Get Revenge on an Ex – Revenge Porn and the Fappening

If you want to know how to get revenge on an ex, revenge porn and the fappening are still extensively used on the Internet.

A lot of people are asking if revenge porn has gotten out-of-hand. I seriously doubt that it has, but the problem now is that famous celebrities have become bigger targets these days, with Jennifer Lawrence one of the main targets.

‘The Fappening’ & Revenge Porn Culture – Daily Beast Thu, 04 Sep 2014 09:56:09 GMT

Newsweek’The Fappening’ & Revenge Porn CultureDaily BeastBeyond just the revenge porn communities, there’s also a number of communities of men online who get off on posting what are called creepshots. It’s the same idea as revenge porn and celebrity nude leaks : Sexualized pictures of women where the …A New Kind of Pervert? ‘The Fappening’ Proves Revenge Porn Culture is Thriving International Business Times UKall 7 news articlesᅠ»

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People are turning this into a mysogenistic theme. However, the reality is that if you check out some of the revenge porn websites on the Internet, you will notice that there are just many naked men photos as there are naked women. These sites have now been around for decades but people are just waking up and thinking that it is something new and only done by hackers.

One thing is certain, the fappening and revenge porn cause instant shock and fear to any victim. Even the threat of posting an ex’s nude photos on the Internet is still a good method o how to get revenge online.

How to Get Revenge on an Ex-Boyfriend – False Rape Claims

how to get revenge on an ex

If you want to know how to get revenge on an ex-boyfriend, a Pennsylvania woman tried unsuccessfully by filing a false report to Reading, PA police. It seems that she wanted to get back at him for spreading rumors about her. She might have gotten away with it if she did not decide to confess.

Reading police: Woman makes false rape claim to get revenge on ex-boyfriend – WFMZ Allentown

Reading police: Woman makes false rape claim to get revenge on ex-boyfriend WFMZ Allentown – A woman’s plan to get revenge on her former boyfriend has backfired, police said Friday. Cori Lynn Osiecki was arrested and charged with false report – falsely incriminate another. Osiecki reported to police that she was sexually assaulted by a formerᅠ…

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Rape Accusations as a Form of Revenge

This is probably one of the cruelest forms of a woman getting revenge against a man. If a woman is raped, she has every reason to see that her attacker is fully punished by the law. However, what if she is only using it as a way to get revenge? In these he said – she said battles, a jury could sway either way. So, a woman would have better odds than Vegas, and the potential damage that she could cause is astounding.

To this day, I still don’t believe that Mike Tyson raped Desiree Washington in his hotel room back in 1991. Or at the very least, knew what she was getting into because of Tyson’s reputation. At any rate, if there aren’t any other witnesses, it’s one’s word against another.

I think if women only hinted that they were going to flle rape charges against a man, that would be revenge enough, because there aren’t too many men that wouldn’t start sweating over that.

U.K. Rejects New Anti-Revenge Porn Laws

How to get revenge on your ex


The U.K. rejects new anti-revenge porn laws.

The United Kingdom decides not to add additional laws to combat people from posting nude photos and videos of their ex’s online. Although, no new laws were rejected by British Parliament it doesn’t mean that you can still post and get away with it. It only means that there are other laws on the books that they consider efficient enough.

UK parliament shoots down ‘unnecessary’ anti-revenge porn laws Tue, 29 Jul 2014 12:52:48 GMT

Peers in the British Parliament have rejected proposals to makerevenge porn’ a criminal offence, stating that proposals for new laws are unnecessary.

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